Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Annaleigh

Dear Annaleigh,

Today is February 2, 2010. You look up and smile at me while you eat. It warms my heart!

You are more aware of your hands and use them to softly take my shirt in your hand and rub it with your fingers as I burp you. It seems to comfort you.

When you get tired, you suck on your hand and every once in a while you get your thumb - jackpot!

You are becoming less interested in your pacifier and prefer your hand now.

You love to be rocked and fall asleep on my shoulder. You also love Daddy's lap when you are tired. You lay on your belly as he pats your back.

Your eyes follow Daddy and I as we move across a room.

You hold your head up so strong. The nutritionist was impressed and predicted that you were going to be 'a smart one'.

You are so alert and curious! Your eyes are so big and bright as you look around.

You are turning into a 'chunky monkey'! This means you are eating well - hooray!

Your eyelashes are gorgeous and long.

When I hold out my hands to you and go to pick you up out of your swing, you give me a huge grin! You know that your Mama is about to snuggle with you!

Love, your Mama

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