Friday, March 26, 2010

Daddy Time

Annaleigh is turning into Daddy's little girl....

The way she snuggles with him is not what she does with me. She loves her Daddy. She gets quite excited these days when he walks in the door after work. She wimpers when he walks away into the kitchen. She smiles so big when she sees him walking back toward her. She wants nothing else but to be snuggling in his arms. Such sweet moments to treasure!
Wait a minute?!? Who's the one who takes care of her all day??


  1. It is so sweet to watcha daddy and his daughter- what a bond! And that feeling of Hey, who watches you all day long? only gets stronger as they learn to talk and ask constantly when is daddy coming home and want only his attention as soon as he walks in the door:) But by then, you are glad for the break:)

  2. The last pic looks like she's going "tee hehehehe" :) Daddies and's quite a bond!

    I can't wait to see you all...soon I hope!

  3. Oh I love it! I think it is special when a daughter loves her daddy! : )


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