Monday, February 8, 2010

Just the Two of Us


It was our first night out without our little girl in tow!

Mike's cousin, Sharon, and her hubby, Craig, babysat for us while we gallivanted around town.

We went to Farley's, a restaurant located downtown. Mike got the London Broil (my step-dad's favorite choice at any restaurant) and I got the Pork Ribs. Quite yummy!

After the restaurant we headed to a nice little local coffee shop, about a block away, called Northern Lights. We both ended up with a white chocolate mocha latte paired with some amazing adult conversation. good on a cold night!

It was wonderful to be able to 'reconnect' with my adorable hubby after having our sweet lil' Annaleigh. Although my daughter is the best gift God could have ever given me, there is nothing like time spent with just my Michael. He is my everything. I love him. And our relationship is priceless. And I intend to keep it that way....

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  1. Girl you look you didn't just have a baby. Hope all is well. Your little one is adorable even if I do see a lot of Mike in Thats okay my littlest one Braelyn is Adams mini me. Why do we do all the work and they look like there fathers. I guess its a good thing we married good looking TTYL Tammy


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