Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cool, Calm, and Collected....

The annual Clarks Summit Ice Festival was upon us last week. Two ice sculptors spend their time over the course of that week carving amazing images out of a block of ice. To be able to envision such masterpieces from ice amazes me. When I see a block of ice, the only creative thing I can think of is "Yaye, enough ice for my Coke!" The theme this year was "Under the Big top".

We braved the 'icy' weather and headed into town to witness these chilly creations. What you see here is only a small fraction of the collection. The total number was well over 50. They were all sprinkled throughout town stationed in front of local businesses and establishments.

And if you're lucky (or if you just check the schedule) you can witness one of these works of art being chiseled and torched right before your very eyes.... ooooo.....aaahhhhh.....

Very cool.
Coke anyone?

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