Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Silly Pennsylvanians

Just a funny thought I had while driving to work this morning....

As I drive toward Clarks Summit on my regular morning route, I reach the Scranton Expressway. As I enter "Chinchilla", a sub-section of the South Abington Township, there, in a parking lot of a heating/cooling company, sits a police car.
At first glance, one would imagine a highly alert police officer, tightly gripping - so much so that his knuckles would be white - his trusty radar gun, and anxiously awaiting - with beady perspiration dripping down his face - to trap a distracted and unaware fellow citizen, and using the same prowess as a lion tracking a fast-paced gazelle dancing freely across the African plains searching for the perfect moment to surprisingly pounce and devour.
Every car on the expressway glides along at an easy 50-55 miles per hour - possessing the knowledge that the speed limit is 45 mph and in about 200 ft will suddenly slow to a mere 35 mph. The drivers of these vehicles will slightly glance to their right and simultaneously see the infamous bubble lights (not yet lit up, of course) a-top a car with a yellow & blue paint job that is uncannily similar to a South Abington cop.
Immediately, as if by a domino-effect design, the brakes lights beam in rapid succession and the once 55 mph flow of traffic halts to a crawling 30 mph. And all at once, every driver becomes more spiritual and religious than ever before as they repeatedly pray in their head, Dear God, don't let me get pulled over...
This caused outright laughter to burst from my mouth. You see, as I drove on my way home yesterday (driving in the opposite direction, just in case you didn't catch that) I noticed the cop car was completely and totally EMPTY. As empty as the day it rolled off the assembly line. EMPTY. Hmm...interesting. An easy, lazy way to slow traffic and save the township money - no one has to get paid to sit.
As these religious individuals pray their prayers and violently hit their brakes, I sail along, never slowing down, as happy as a clam with the knowledge that the cop car on the side of the road is a decoy. A mere decoy.
Ha! Posh. This girl from Massachusetts laughs at you. You silly Pennsylvanians.

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  1. God has given you many gifts Michelle, and writing is one of them! LOL
    Cute story ;o)


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