Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy as a Bee

What a busy week I have!

I haven't felt this busy since living in Massachusetts as a teacher.

I have a Sunday school lesson to prepare for, a baby shower to host, Seminary Wives child-care to organize, a bulletin board to assemble for the seminary building, and appointments to make....all before the end of the week! Phew!

Ironically, I'm completely bored at work. No phone calls. Not much $$$ needing to be deposited. No invoices. Nothing. So it's way hard to sit and do nothing when I have all these things to do on my mind! What a paradox!

Mike on the other hand will soon stop working at Fastenal to work full-time at the church as the facilities manager! What a praise the Lord! I was so worried about what would happen (financially) after our baby girl is born and silly me forgot that my Father in heaven has everything under control. How quickly we replace the Lord and all His goodness with our own measly attempts at survival?! No comparison, I say!

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