Monday, June 8, 2009

The Banshee

This is the Banshee Iris Pub in Scranton. It's a great Irish restaurant! It seemed authentic - although I've never stepped foot onto the Emerald Isle. (Brianne, maybe you could take a break from pursuing your PhD in Ireland & come visit me here in PA and let me know how "original" to Ireland it really is. We'd love to have you!)

We took Mom and Dad Weston here for Sunday lunch. It is a wonderful little place hidden in the heart of downtown.

Dad and Mike ordered the fish & chips, Mom ordered a Traditional Reuben Sandwich on sour dough bread, and I order the open-faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes SMOTHERED in brown gravy. Everything tasted amazing! Perfect cooking quality! I've never been to a place where each person left pleasantly full and satisfied.

The atmosphere was more than enjoyable. An ornate golden ceiling, wooden tables, and lavishly decorated with all things Irish.

It's a definite re-visit. We plan to take guests here (only during early/late afternoons - if you catch my drift) to get a taste of good 'ole Irish Scranton.

Can't wait to discover some new fun hidden places in our adventures as we settle in NEPA!

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